A bunch of juicy stuff…

Ok guys,so I apologize for the super,SUPER huge amount of inactivity, I had to deal with a final tests of mine! 😛 Anyways,i’m finally stress-free,so I wanted to post something.The fact is, I didn’t have anything much to post on this blog,and since this blog has been a little inactive,I don’t know anything what’s going on,and the creator’s blog is way ahead of everything,so it’s a bit difficult to catch up with ALL that stuff lately. Also,i’m currently in holiday (YAY) so I have much more time to post and all that stuff.I know that i’ve written quite enough,so let’s get started for what we’re here for! 😀

So as the title explains,i’ve searched these sneak peaks, and yes,these are chosen sneak peaks,that means I won’t really be posting every sneak peak,as i’ve mentioned,i’ve been way behind 😛 (I seriously need to stop using these italics :/ )

I decided posting 5 sneaks peaks at a time,counting backwards from the current sneak peak,and I won’t post any further before that,since it will take FOREVER. Whatever current pics will be posted,I might post only that.

Okay,so without further ado, let me present  you the sneak peaks!

1# oney

Exp*- Nothing known,I wouldn’t give any explanation,but why is that jewel folded on the second chest? :/

2# towey

Exp- Tbh,this picture looks quite funny  xD It looks like the first person is the evil lady with the maroon clothing,in the Lair Of Thieves, the second dude looks like a camel XD and the third one is the old dude from ”How Bazaar” as a little kid! How sweet! 😀

3# thwee

Exp- No exp needed,though it looks like some room in the castle…?

4# fow

Exp- Looks like the map of the island I was referring as the ”some island” or probably mystery island.


Exp-The pig and the vulture costumes probably come from Poptropicon or something.

I guess it’s time to wrap up this post ,i’m quite exhausted :/

*Also ”EXP” means explanantion.

UPDATE: This post has gotten a little boring and wordy,so I decided posting something funny! 😀

derp  Derp 



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