Goodbye, folks

Hi guys, Sp here or Melody Kitty (That’s my new name :D) , i’m posting this because I wanna say that i’m leaving, permanently and I have reasons to prove WHY. :c

Firstly, I have tried pop-blogging and have finally realized that this stuff isn’t my standard or cup of tea. I can’t make any more promises about me trying to post regularly or whatsoever. I finally made this decision, none of the blogs I work on are active anymore, but I respect that the authors working there are busy with their own personal lives, after all, they’re humans, like me.

This message has been broadcast to every blog I work, so don’t think i’m being partial with other blogs. It’s all equal.

I thank all the authors who have been kind to me and appreciate all my viewers. I specially want to thank Scary Plug, Icy Fox and Fearless Rock for letting me in their wonderful poptropica blogs, PWSP (Poptropica With Scary Plug) was the first ever blog I worked in, and thanks again to Scary Plug for letting me fit in here. Hope your blogs stay well and active.

This was a tough decision, yet i’m not completely off, I still will visit, like and comment your blogs, I appreciate your fruits of hard work, but for now, i’ll be gone, I might come back, but i’m not quite sure. Keep up the perfection and stay awesome. Working with you guys has been a lot of fun, but it’s time to say farewell…

Goodbye, guys, you’ve been awesome, and keep up the awesomeness! 🙂

– Melody Kitty or Sp ^u^



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