Early Poptropica

Video Guide: [Watch in 720HD]


Written Guide:


From the main street, go left towards the village of the early poptropicans. Keep going left and stop at the old well, go down the rope of well.

Once inside, move the crate that is on your left, push it all the way to the second green platform. (Be careful you don’t fall off them, they do not stay level). Push the crate into the middle; where the circle is. Now, stand on the crate.

Step 3, 4

Once on the crate, jump to the third platform and safely make your way onto the brown platforms and collect the glow stick.

Step 5, 6


Now that you have your glowstick to use for later, exit the well using the same way you used to get to the glow stick. Leave the old village and enter main street. Under your blimp, there is hole in the ground leading to a supposed sewer filled with spiders.

Step 7, 8

Go past the goth girl and make your way to the bottom of the sewer, but be wary of spiders that randomly try to strike you. Then, avoiding the huge, green spider; retrieve the prized porker. Now, again, avoiding the spider, proceed to the left towards the dark maze.

Step 9, 10


Once you are in the maze, you will automatically be equipped with the glow stick. Starting from where the wall says “Darkeness awaits” (A few paces left), follow this GIF through the maze:

EP Maze

After going through the maze, you’re now at the Poptropica Towers; which is next to main street. Rather than using the clothes lines, go to the brown building (next to the statue) and jump on the second window, jump onto the statue’s arm.

Step 12, 13

After taking the little “shortcut”, jump onto the red building, jump on the clothes line and wait till you bounce high enough to get onto the blue building’s roof. (About 2-4 jumps)

Step 14, 15

On the blue building roof, there is a vine coming out of the clouds, climb it and greet the giant with his golden egg. Then go right, under his club.

Step 16, 17



Proceed over the veggie patch, and on the other side will be the water bucket.

Veggie Patch


2 more items now, go right toward the wreckage of air crafts. Use the, ironically still spinning, propellers of the plane to get over it’s nose, and then to get over the rocket nose.


Once you get your jet pack, it will automatically equip. Click and hold anywhere on the screen to fly with your jet pack.




Using your jet pack, fly over all the previous obstacles and make your way back to main street. Go over to the leaking water tower (next to the Soda Pop Shop)



Fly to the very top with your jet pack and retrieve the signal flag.

Signal Flag


Now that you have all the required items, go to the old village one last time and return the items to the early poptropicans.


Return the prized porker to the yellow-ish man by the pig pen, and the water bucket to the man by the water well. Return the signal flag to the men on top of the signal tower.


Once the flag is at full mast, go left to find a ship anchored in the dock. Talk to man on the ship to receive your medallion!



Congratulations! You can now complete more islands, and don’t be afraid to refer to our guides for help!



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