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1. Be respectful. Don’t say anything that may offend someone, including “flaming” a person, group, race, chat etc.

2. Be appropriate. No sexual pictures, names, etc. No bad smiley combinations. No flirting. No swearing.

3. Don’t request a higher rank. Asking for mod/owner is strictly forbidden. You must earn your position or be apart of the FRB blog staff.

4. No personal information. Do not disclose or request personal information of yours or any other person. Gender, Usernames or Country (NOT RECOMMENDED) are fine though.

5. No begging. Begging for xats, days, or powers will not be tolerated. Purchase your xats, don’t guilt people into doing so. Plus it’s eaiser.

6. No spamming. Includes flaming and flooding. It is quite annoying and makes everything lag.

7. Only 5 Smilies at one time. No more than 5 in your name or chat, and don’t cheat by posting one per comment and continuing, as that is classified as spam.



Guest Guest

By default, most people are guests. Guests are welcome to join in the conversation, but any links they post will not be visible to everyone else.

Member Member 

Unlike guests, members can post links for others to check out. They are also listed higher up in the user list. Being a member shows that you can be trusted not to break the rules, and that you are friendly to other users. Members also log into the chatroom often and are fairly active.

Moderator Moderator 

Mods are well-trusted assistants to the chatroom owners, and they help maintain peace on the PHC. They are well-respected and have the power to kick users off as a warning and/or banish rule-breakers for up to a day.

Owner Owner 

Owners are the ultimate guardians of the chatroom. They have the power to kick users (as a warning) or banish rule-breakers for as long as they see fit. Owners are extremely respectable, friendly, active, and experienced chatroom users. There aren’t many, but those who do have this privilege are the most trusted of the chatroom keepers.

Note that only staff member of FRB can be owners.

Banned Banned/Banished User

Not to be confused with the red/offline pawn, it is a browny-maroon pawn that has being banned by breaking the rules too many times. They cannot do anything, only contact and owner for why they were banned. They can return to the chat room if they’re unbanned or when their ban is time is finished, unless they were banned forever, then they cannot go back to that chat.

[Exact from PHB]


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